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Town of Ouanary

The town of Ouanary is located in the department of Guyane of the french region Guyane. The town of Ouanary is located in the township of Saint-Georges-Oyapoc part of the district of Cayenne. The area code for Ouanary is 97314 (also known as code INSEE), and the Ouanary zip code is 97380.

Geography and map of Ouanary :

The altitude of the city hall of Ouanary is approximately 171 meters. The Ouanary surface is 1 080.00 km ². The latitude and longitude of Ouanary are 4.209 degrees North and 51.671 degrees West. Nearby cities and towns of Ouanary are : Saint-Georges (97313) at 38.39 km, Régina (97390) at 52.88 km, Roura (97311) at 92.03 km, Matoury (97351) at 101.85 km, Remire-Montjoly (97354) at 102.38 km, Cayenne (97300) at 108.77 km, Montsinéry-Tonnegrande (97356) at 118.55 km, Macouria (97355) at 126.14 km.
(The distances to these nearby towns of Ouanary are calculated as the crow flies)

Population and housing of Ouanary :

The population of Ouanary was 92 in 1999 and 85 in 2007. The population density of Ouanary is 0.08 inhabitants per km². The number of housing of Ouanary was 48 in 2007. These homes of Ouanary consist of 29 main residences, 12 second or occasional homes and 7 vacant homes.
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Administrative Information of Ouanary
Region :Guyane (3) Map of France regions
Departement :Guyane (973) Map of France departments
District :Cayenne 
Township :Saint-Georges-Oyapoc 
Area code :97314 
Zip code :97380 
Nearby towns of Ouanary
Here are maps and information of the close municipalities near Ouanary.
See all the towns of Guyane (Distances are calculated as the crow flies)
Saint-Georges (973)  at 38.39 kmRégina (973)  at 52.88 km
Roura (973)  at 92.03 kmMatoury (973)  at 101.85 km
Remire-Montjoly (973)  at 102.38 kmCayenne (973)  at 108.77 km
Montsinéry-Tonnegrande (973)  at 118.55 kmMacouria (973)  at 126.14 km
Camopi (973)  at 137.71 kmKourou (973)  at 151.38 km
Saül (973)  at 182.55 kmSaint-Élie (973)  at 190.45 km
Sinnamary (973)  at 192.90 kmIracoubo (973)  at 220.74 km
Maripasoula (973)  at 269.32 kmPapaichton (973)  at 278.32 km
Mana (973)  at 284.14 kmSaint-Laurent-du-Maroni (973)  at 298.24 km
Grand-Santi (973)  at 300.56 kmAwala-Yalimapo (973)  at 302.28 km

Geography of Ouanary
Area :1 080.00 km² (108 000 hectares) 
Minimum altitude : 0 m  
Maximum altitude : 341 m  
Average altitude : 171 m  
Altitude of the city hall : 171 m Map France physical
Sexagesimal geographical coordinates (WGS84): Latitude: 04° 12' 33'' North
Longitude: 51° 40' 18'' West
Decimal geographical coordinates : Latitude: 4.209 degrees (4.209° North)
Longitude: -51.671 degrees (51.671° West)

Population and housings of Ouanary
Inhabitants in 1999 :92 inhabitants 
Inhabitants in 2007 :85 inhabitants 
Population data :Population Ouanary
Population density : 0.08 hab/km² Map of France population density
Variation of population density : -0.98 %/year variation of population density of France
Housings in 1999 :28 logements 
Housings in 2007 :48 logements 
Housings data :Housing Ouanary

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Map of Ouanary


Map of Ouanary :

At right you can find the localization of Ouanary on the map of France. Below, this is the satellite map of Ouanary.. This map show Ouanary seen by the satellite of Google Map. To see the streets of Ouanary or move on another zone, use the buttons "zoom" and "map" on top of this dynamic map.

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To search hotels, housings, tourist information office, administrations or other services, use the Google search integrated to the map on the following page : "map Ouanary".
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The map of Ouanary is centred in the following coordinates :

Latitude :   Longitude :   


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Print the map of Ouanary : map of Ouanary

Photos Ouanary

Most popular and closest pictures of Ouanary town hall :

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Other photos of Ouanary and nearby towns can be found here: photos Ouanary

Ouanary weather forecast

Find next hours and 7 days weather forecast for Ouanary here : weather Ouanary (with english metrics)
This is the last weather forecast for Ouanary collected by the nearest observation station of Cayenne.

Week Forecast: Rain throughout the week.

The latest weather data for Ouanary were collected Monday, 25 May 2020 at 14:51 from the nearest observation station of Cayenne.

Monday, May 25th

30°C     24°C

1013.7 hPa

96%     94%

Rain until afternoon, starting again overnight.

Temperature Max: 30°C    Temperature Min: 24°C
Pressure: 1013.7 mbars
Precipitation Probability: 96% rain
Percentage of sky occluded by clouds: 94%
Wind speed: 2 km/h West
Wind Gust Speed: 6 km/h
Visibility: 15.299 km    Humidity: 97%
Dew Point: 26°    UV Index: 6
Sunrise: 11:17     Sunset: 23:39

Tuesday, May 26th

30°C     25°C

1013.4 hPa

88%     88%

Possible light rain and humid throughout the day.

Temperature Max: 30°C    Temperature Min: 25°C
Pressure: 1013.4 mbars
Precipitation Probability: 88% rain
Percentage of sky occluded by clouds: 88%
Wind speed: 4 km/h West
Wind Gust Speed: 10 km/h
Visibility: 16.058 km    Humidity: 94%
Dew Point: 26°    UV Index: 9
Sunrise: 11:17     Sunset: 23:39

Wednesday, May 27th

30°C     25°C

1013 hPa

69%     60%

Possible light rain overnight.

Temperature Max: 30°C    Temperature Min: 25°C
Pressure: 1013 mbars
Precipitation Probability: 69% rain
Percentage of sky occluded by clouds: 60%
Wind speed: 5 km/h
Wind Gust Speed: 10 km/h
Visibility: 16.093 km    Humidity: 87%
Dew Point: 25°    UV Index: 8
Sunrise: 11:17     Sunset: 23:39

Thursday, May 28th

29°C     26°C

1012.2 hPa

99%     100%

Rain and humid throughout the day.

Temperature Max: 29°C    Temperature Min: 26°C
Pressure: 1012.2 mbars
Precipitation Probability: 99% rain
Percentage of sky occluded by clouds: 100%
Wind speed: 5 km/h West
Wind Gust Speed: 10 km/h
Visibility: 11.354 km    Humidity: 88%
Dew Point: 25°    UV Index: 5
Sunrise: 11:17     Sunset: 23:40


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