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Details of the route will be displayed above. If several routes are available, they will be displayed at the top of the details of the current route. You can click on the name of an alternative route to see the details of this route. The path can be zoomed in at any time of the course using the button to the left of the dynamical road map.

France highways list

France has now a highways network of nearly 11,100 km, of which about 8,000 km toll across the country. The speed limit on highways is 130 km/h, it is lowered to 110 km/h in case of rain or other precipitation. The route calculation module above can not take into account the toll highways or the following. Tolls on the present route can be displayed on the map by clicking on their names in italics in the details of the route.

France primary network highways from Paris : A1 to A20

Highways A1 à A20 are the primary network highways from Paris to other biggest cities in France.

A1 - E15 E17 E19 : Highway of "Nord Paris Porte de la Chapelle - Lille Sud"

A2 - E19 : "Combles - Belgique"

A3 - E15 : "Paris Porte de Bagnolet - A1 Garonor"

A4 E25 E50 : Highway of "Est Paris Porte de Bercy - Strasbourg"

A5 E17 E54 : "Vert-Saint-Denis (Seine-et-Marne) - Langres"

A6 E15 E21 E60 "Autoroute du Soleil" : "Paris Porte d'Italie - Lyon Perrache"

A7 E15 E80 E714 "Autoroute du Soleil" : "Lyon Perrache - Marseille Saint-Charles"

A8 E74 E80 "La Provençale" : "La Fare-les-Oliviers - Italie"

A9 E15 E80 "La Languedocienne" : "Orange - Espagne"

A10 E5 "L’Aquitaine" : "Paris (Wissous) - Bordeaux (Lormont)"

A11 E50 E501 E60 "L’Océane" : "Ponthévrard - Nantes"

A12 : "Rocquencourt - Trappes"

A13 E5 E46 : Highway of "Normandie" - "Paris Porte d’Auteuil - Caen"

A14 : "Paris La Défense - Orgeval"

A15 : "Villeneuve-la-Garenne - Cergy-Pontoise"

A16 E40 E401 E402 E44 "L’Européenne" : "L'Isle-Adam - Belgique"

A19 E511 "L'Éco Autoroute" : "Sens - Artenay"

France secundary network highways : A20 to A89

Highways A20 to A89 are the secundary network highways in France.

France road map

This is the french road map (France highways and France railways).

France road map
France road map

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